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99% Invisible – The Giftschrank

giftschrank-displaysOnce again, 99% Invisible does a remarkable job showing the importance of design. Listening to a lot of ‘conspiracy’ and true crime podcasts can make one feel paranoid, like (to quote the title of a well know podcast) there is stuff they don’t want you to know. However, in Germany there is such a thing as the Giftschrank. Following a copy of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf, 99% Invisible talks about the vault in the library of Munich houses the copy.

We in America both celebrate the notion of Free Speech and fear it. We defend it and attack it. In Germany, there is an idea that one must study dangerous ideas to understand them to make sure that they can never happen again. This shows the power of ideas. However, such ideas are still dangerous. Therefore, they are allowed to be studied, but only under careful supervision; that is why they are locked up in the Giftschrank.