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On the Media – Ghosts


On this, the anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb, I am sharing the On the Media episode from May when President Obama visited Nagasaki to deliver an address at the Memorial and to place a wreath. As you can imagine, as every subtle thing with Obama, this became a political hot potato.

The fact that President Truman dropped two atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima on August 6th and one on Nagasaki on August 9th in 1945, in an attempt to accelerate the end of World War II is known, but whether or not it should have been done how it was, where it was, and why it was is still debated. Around the world there is much debate around a lot of this decision. While we were the only nation to use nuclear weapons during war on an enemy nation, many nations have used it as a threat, like India and Pakistan who test on each other’s border, North Korea, to threaten the South, and of course the Chinese, Soviets, French, British, and us who used them to raise the stakes of the Cold War. Even this, though, is not the end to the nuclear frustration.

While Israel still does not admit to testing nuclear weapons despite other nations reporting detecting them, legends of missing Soviet nukes, Iranian deals, and slow disarmament in the era of international terrorism have raised tensions.  The effects on ending the war are even denied by large bits of the world with China denying any support in the defeat of Japan and Japan refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing,  war crimes, or Josef Mengele-like experiments on the Chinese at Unit 731, to the point of the Prime Minister worshiping at a shrine to war criminals.

In this moment, Obama placed a wreath at Hiroshima. I added the hole episode, but I submitted it for part one.