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More Perfect – Baker v. Carr (1962)

maxresdefaultThe podcast More Perfect is a Supreme Court podcast helmed by Jad Abumrad of Radio Lab. Inspired by a Radio Lab story on the legal implications of a difficult birth and personhood, he is running this mini-series on the courts. They are filled with the same interesting stories and grey area that Radio Lab is known for. Though the first episode is good, the later have found their stride.

In the simplest terms, Baker v. Carr, 369 U.S. 186 (1962), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that allows the federal courts to intervene in redistricting and voting cases. This overturned decades of cases that declared that such moves by the courts are attempts to answer political questions, which is what the defendants argued. However, the implications of this, like most major supreme court cases, is overwhelming.

While teaching AP US History and US Government back in the day, I always made sure that the students knew Baker v. Carr, I had never really grasped the implications of it so distinctly as this podcast does.