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Top5s – Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Most of you out there know, at least if you’re smart enough to spend your time following a history blog, that most of the Internet is rife with BS passing itself off as fact. YouTube is simultaneously the best and the worst this. While the ability for it to upload countless hours of speeches, primary documents, and well thought out information makes it one of the most powerful resources for teachers and researchers alike, so much of it is conspiratorial and poorly thought out that it sickens me. Fake documentaries that update every time they are disproven, like Loose Change only encourage the kind of distrust that makes honest people seem like criminals. So when there is something that is well researched and well done on YouTube I hope to lot it so that it gets the credibility and encouragement it deserves.

One of the most terrifying things of the last half-century is a Chernobyl disaster. By mentioning nuclear power, I’m already going to mobilize several groups of people. This is not meant to be a screed against nuclear power, which with our current consumption needs is probably going to be part of the equation for years to come, it is also meant to show what can happen if such power goes unchecked and unregulated. However, as a teacher of the Cold War era is sometimes difficult to help kids get into the mindset of that era.

Top5s is a YouTube page that often deals with the macabre, who like Rob Dyke, generally focuses on how terrifying real life can be, however Top5s (whose name and identity are hidden, so I will refer to him only as Top5s), does the occasional documentary on real life events. In particular, his discussion of Chernobyl is particularly interesting and chilling.